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Taking a giant stride in 2023 on the PADI Open Water course

Thinking of learning to scuba dive in 2023? Why not join our team on the Isle of Arran for your PADI Open Water course and discover why learning to dive in UK waters is so rewarding for yourself!

So far we've already helped a large number of students become certified divers capable of exploring down to 18m and frankly it couldn't be more rewarding for the Dive Arran team!

So what's the course like in reality?

Hard work and plenty of laughs along the way would sum up our 4 day courses. It's not something you cruise through or simply attend ... you need to put the effort in but come the end of the week you'll be rewarded as you leave both confident and competent to begin your diving adventure.

Spread over 4 days we complete:

  • Day 1: Confined Open Water Dives 1-3

  • Day 2: Confined Open Water Dives 4-5

  • Day 3: Open Water Dives 1-3

  • Day 4: Open Water Dive 4 and Drysuit 2

So this course is done in a drysuit then?

Yes - all our courses are completed in drysuits ... we don't even have wetsuits in our kit locker! As a result of a forthcoming global standard change we no longer offer Scuba Diver or Open Water stand alone courses. Our entry level course is now a combo package of both PADI Open Water and PADI Drysuit Diver. This means you'll be ready to dive anywhere in the world from day one!

What about group size?

Well at Dive Arran we normally operate on a 1:1 basis for our entry level courses so when you book onto the Open Water course you'll be guaranteed to be the only student ... unlike most overs we don't cram you in and make you spend most of your time waiting on the seabed to do your skills in a line!

By exception we allow upto 2 people onto a course but this will only be partners, friends or relatives ... but even then this isn't guaranteed as simply it's not always the right thing to do to ensure you get the most out of your course!

Is the a better time of year to do the course?

Well yes and no ... frankly the weather this season has been mixed! So it's hard to say which month is better to do your course. We've had Open Water students in March when the sea temperatures have been around 7 degrees but the weather's been clear, no wind, flat seas and 20m visibility. Flip that into summer when it's been 18 degrees in the water, but we've had to move a session due to high wind and poor visibility. So really ... we just have to roll with it and there is no 'best time' guaranteed to be perfect. Especially in the UK!!

Do I need anything kit wise?

No we provide everything you could possibly need but we always recommend you start thinking about your own equipment! A mask, snorkel, fins and dive computer should all be on your initial wish list for santa! You don't need the fanciest or most expensive (been there) and we'll always share our view and offer advice on what's right for you during our time together.

How and when do I do the theory?

Once you've booked and paid for your course we'll release the awesome e-learning package. You can complete this at anytime before your in water course and this is made up of both the PADI Open Water and PADI Drysuit Diver course.

How do I sign up for a course?

Book Online 24/7 using our live booking system and get started today. Alternatively drop us an email and let's get you sorted!


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