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Your 2023 crew just got bigger...

I'm delighted to be joined this year by 2 new members of the Dive Arran crew so let's take a look at who you might be diving with this season:


We're super excited to welcome Edgar who will be joining us as an Instructor later this season. We'll share more about this awesome guy in July however it was great to have him join us this month on a Discover Scuba to see how we operate and what he can expect for the rest of the year.


Taking the plunge this year as Divemaster Trainee Jess is quickly becoming a familiar face in the Arran diving scene and we're delighted to see her out supporting on courses now in her new capacity.


Chances are if you've dived with us you would have met the incredible Amy who is currently completing her Divemaster Trainee programme. An experienced hand and the co-owner of Dive Arran this lady is the one that is guaranteed to make you smile!


Well you see my face far too much so here's a typical moment under the water ... who knows what's going on here?!? As your lead instructor and co-owner of Dive Arran I'm your primary contact and will always be in the water with you ... sorry 😜

So there we go - the 2023 lineup is in place and I'm super excited to see who else may join our motley crew over the coming months!

Thanks for choosing to dive with us and we all look forward to seeing you on your next scuba adventure.


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