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Summer season draws to a close ... but we carry on!

I honestly can't believe where this season has gone! We delivered on our vision "to help others experience the incredible feeling of breathing underwater" and went beyond our own expectations by a country mile (or should that be 'nautical' mile 🤣)

For both I and Amy even if we could have helped one person that would have been amazing but over the summer holidays we found ourselves flat out alongside our day jobs to meet the demand ... thanks to all our amazing students and visitors who sure made this a summer to remember 😍

From Snorkelling to Drysuit Diver you've kept us busy; by far the most sought after was our PADI Discover Scuba Diving session which allows anyone to try diving for the first time. It's a great way to try diving for yourself in a safe and controlled environment and we made our home in the beautiful village of Whiting Bay which has become our spot of choice this year.

With serene beaches, beautiful views over the Clyde and one kick ass underworld world to explore we're still not bored despite living here week in week out! Infact this is one of the most amazing places in the UK to do your Discover Scuba Diving experience ... Trust us or our reviews on Trip Advisor!!

Over the next few weeks we'll still be teaching but also spending some time making changes to our website and offer ready for 2023. If you want to get out under the water don't forget we operate all year round so autumn doesn't mean the end for us here.

P.S. Keep tuned in and watch this space as I believe there's some exciting news on the horizon .... 😉


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