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Booking for 2024

I honestly can't believe how quickly we filled up the 2023 season ... just like 2022 we saw a significant demand in some months more than others. So if you're thinking of booking in for 2024 you may be wondering when to get in-touch or how soon you should hit the 'book' button. If so read on...

Conditions by time of year


Perfect for those who live on Arran - ferry disruption can be high at this time of the year and weather is unpredictable. Water temperature is at it's all round coldest and rain can be frequent. Cat sharks began laying their egg cases in 2023 a month earlier than previously noted. Sea temperatures often in the 8-10 degrees celsius range.

April /May

Great for divers who live local or can ensure a bit of flexibility in time frames. Weather remains unpredictable but the sea begins to warm by a few degrees. Barrel jellyfish start their mating season coming into the shallows and a little more life is noticeable. Ferry disruption can remain a real risk. 2023 saw some of the best visibility with one day being over 17m due to the cooler waters. Temperatures increase slightly to more stable double digits.


The water starts to get noticeably warmer now especially in 7m and shallower range. Seaweed and kelp really start to kick off in the shallows and fish become noticeably more abundant. Lions main jellyfish begin to mature into their adult sizes and increase in number. 2023 season was very slow vs previous years with them only really being seen at our dive sites in late July! Even then in much lower numbers than before. Barrels remain in the shallows (our favourite) and again noticeable size increases are seen. Water 16 degrees celcius in shallow areas. Ferry service us reliable and perfect for planning your summer break.


The warmest sea temperatures on Arran with shallow water ranging from 17-18 degrees celcius. Large shoals of fish are now established, cat sharks will sit out on the sand in shallow areas and thermoclines are really noticeable. Algea blooms can become a real concern; in 2023 we experienced these throughout the year starting in late May due to rapid warming. Days will be mostly sunny and both ferry's will be running. Perfect for those coming on holiday to dive!


Just like turning off a switch at sometime in this month we seem to flip into Autumn mode ... summer warmth can either remain but day light becomes noticeably shorter now. Sea temperatures begin to fall away as a result and storm conditions can return for the winter.

Best months to learn to dive:

Discover Scuba Diving: June till September

Open Water: April - September

Continuing Education: Year Round

Fully booked by:

We routinely become booked 2 months in advance of the month people want to dive. The remaining months of the season become fully book in July.

When should I book or get in-touch?

As soon as you decide to dive ... we have customers that book a year in-advance and due to limited availability (we only teach 3 full days a week) our slots can fill up quickly. Chuck in 1:1 ratios on many of our beginer courses and you'll find our calendar closes pretty quick!


Want to learn to dive in one of the most beautiful places in the UK? Get in-touch as soon as you can - with a focus on delivering the very best experience space is always premium. If you want to do it in the sun then June-August is without doubt the best months of the year here on Arran. If you don't mind the colder weather outside of this then any other month is great!

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